"Before treatment, I had hip and back pain that severely restricted my day-to-day activities. Since treatment began I consistently improved week to week to the point where the pain is almost not noticeable and nearly zero discomfort with my activities."
- Jake B.

"I was in pain daily with a promise of a total shoulder replacement. I had to sleep in a recliner and was very depressed and irritable. I was unable to do my job and had difficulties putting on my jacket. Since starting treatment, I am no longer in pain and I have resumed all my daily activities. Currently, I don't need to worry about surgery anymore as it is no longer an option thanks to SuperiorMED. I hated the thought of surgery so I took a chance and I am very happy I did."
- Steve H.

"Before coming to SuperiorMED, my balance was bad which led to falling, and I was in a lot of pain. Since starting my program, my balance has improved 85%, pain has decreased and I can walk without feeling like I am going to fall forward. I would highly recommend SuperiorMED to help anyone feel better and obtain a better quality of life."
- Lynda G.

"I was in pain for almost 5 years. I wasn't sleeping well and could not walk or sit for very long without pain. The pain was awful and the only way to find relief was taking pills, which I did not like. After my sessions at SuperiorMED, I am living and functioning without pain. I can now walk 30 minutes with my dog without back pain and headaches. This has been the best decision to heal my spine. I highly recommend SuperiorMED."
- Leyda H.

"My back and shoulder pain was almost unbearable. I, unfortunately, broke my left shoulder in a car accident after starting therapy, but the team at SuperiorMED helped me keep the use of my shoulder and arm as it healed completely. I no longer have any shoulder pain, and with a little more work, my back pain will be gone as well. Thank you, SuperiorMED!"
- David T.

"I was having constant pain in my knee and could not plant my foot, so jogging or running was extremely difficult. After a couple of visits, I was able to play in the ASA National Over 50 Fast Pitch Tournament. I was able to play and run the bases well. We won the championship!"
- Tye E.

"When I started, I was using a cane because of my knee pain. I had trouble putting on my socks and tying my shoes. After treatments in the office, I am cane-free & pain-free most of the time! And now I can put on my socks & tie my shoes!"

- Carol W

"For years, I had lower back pain, nerve pain, and severe muscle spasms up and down both sides of my back. After the treatment plan SuperiorMED set up for me, my lower back and nerve pain is only occasional, and that's on heavy workload days. The muscle spasms are pretty much gone. The staff at SuperiorMED are extremely friendly and a pleasure to be around. I've enjoyed my visits, but most of all, I enjoy the relief. I highly recommend SuperiorMED."

- Shawn G

"Before starting treatment, I had terrible pain in my neck that radiated to my shoulder. Due to ongoing pain, I was no longer able to be a hairdresser after a 14-year career. I am thankful my husband convinced me to come so I could get relief. I can't thank everyone here enough for the help, knowledge, and tools to allow my life to focus more on things instead of my constant pain. The daily exercising and stretching also made a huge difference to continue to thrive. I am not only headache-free but can also exercise with push-ups, planks, and mountain climbers, which I couldn't do before. Hard work = Great results"

- Krystal S.

"My experience with SuperiorMED has been life-changing. Two years ago, I was suffering from severe headaches at the base of my neck, numbness in my face, arm, and hands, and severe pain down my leg. After x-rays and a MRI, it revealed severe degeneration. My physician told me to limit my activity greatly, or I could not lift a laundry basket. I was referred to this office and the care of SuperiorMED at this time. After completing my treatment, I can do almost anything I want, including babysitting and playing with my nine grandchildren. Thank you to everyone at SuperiorMED."

- Linda H.

"Having received shoulder treatment at SuperiorMED, I can now do many things that I could not do, such as clasping a necklace, straightening a collar, putting on a coat, washing my hair, and getting a fork to my mouth to finish a meal without help. All these things have made my life easier, and I'm truly thrilled"

- Betty M.

"I have a bad case of arthritis, had torn rotator cuff surgery, and had a back fusion. All these aches are non-stop. After coming here, I don't have as much pain, and because of that, I am sleeping much better. I think I have more energy overall and feel a lot better. The staff is probably the best and most professional I have ever seen. Thank you to the SuperiorMED team. You should all be very proud of your work. Thanks a lot for your help. I am glad I decided to come see you guys."

- Rodger C.

"Riding my motorcycle was a big hobby, but my severe back pain forced me to stop riding. After a month of treatments in the office, I have minimal back pain & now I ride my motorcycle to my appointments!"

- Paul A.


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